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Currently, we are at the fundraising stage. Once done with raising the necessary funds, we will start mining right away. The mining operation is in the Telimele district of Guinea. We have proven reserves of 400 million tons of Bauxite in the mine, more exploration will unlock further Bauxite reserves. The proven reserves are worth around 14 Billion US Dollars in real market prices.  

            Guinea Bauxite Mining and Trading Company

Aluminum - A step forward towards innovation in manufacturing 

Full scale mining operation to         start in January, 2022

Guinea has the largest Bauxite deposit in the world. And yet it is one of the poorest countries in the world. Bauxite is refined into Aluminum which in turn is used for high grade manufacturing. The total discovered reserves in Guinea stand at 7.4 billion tons (Statista, 2020). Total estimated reserves stand at 40 billion tons (Guinean Ministry of Mines, 2016). Bauxite reserves in Guinea are located in its Central and Western Parts. Our mining operation is in Telimele (Central Guinea). Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) content in Guinea’s bauxites is estimated at 60% (Guinean Ministry of Mines). It is safe to say that Guinea’s Bauxites are of the highest quality of bauxites found anywhere in the world.

The site of our mining operation, Telemele is located at a distance of 145 km from Conakry in central Guinea. Eurasian Resources plans to start operating a mine in the area. Eurasian Resources has procured rights to 5 billion tons of Bauxite reserves in Telemele . They plan to mine 20 million tons of Bauxite a year.


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